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"Follow your true passion, on a path which will benefit others. Like an orange, it has a peel which is your ego. To access the true fruit of your labor, remove the peel." Dr. Phil Petersen

Heal the BUMPS in finding and following your PASSION--

1. Do you put yourself last? Make your goals a priority!
2. Your body language.
3. Poor diet

4. Relationship problems

5. Finding a balance

6. Finding time for what counts

7. Facing fears

8. Taking action

9. Overcoming Failure

10. Lifting out of depression.

11. Mastering job interviews.

Energy of Attraction: Click image for details.

Practice known secrets used by millionaires Brian Tracy's free CD: 21 Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires (click image)!

Five steps to finding your passion from psychology today by Dr. Susan Biali M.D. 

Lectures on Public Speaking and Overcoming Fear by Nancy Petersen  

The Possibility Codes: Lectures & Affirmations to find your Passion from Dr. Phil Petersen (book to come)  

Another Passion for Dr. Phil P. in retirement--getting people, especially children interested in Astronomy. Check out my new YouTube video: The Cosmic Dance with Flyby, the Astronomy Guy. Any offers for TV shows? :>)