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Quantum Energy Yoga!

(Copyright Dr. Philip Petersen, Integral Yoga Instructor known as 'Narada' and certified Kalos Health Facilitator)

Quantum Energy Yoga employs 12 poses held for brief periods of time. These positions charge the meridians, increasing chi flow, energizing the body. Once you learn them and do the entire workout--IT CAN BE COMPLETED IN ABOUT THREE MINUTES! Compare this to 15 minutes to an hour of regular hatha yoga. Each pose or movement corresponds to an astrological sign. It's nice (but not essential) to do them in the following order as a quick workout. Click for each of the twelve: (description and photographs of poses)

1. Capricorn. 2. Aquarius. 3. Pisces. 4. Aries. 5. Taurus. 6. Gemini. 7. Cancer. 8. Leo. 9. Virgo. 10. Libra. 11. Scorpio. 12. Saggitarius.


Many years ago, I began the practice of yoga. I was working with techniques to improve the suppleness of my joints and limbs, hatha yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation. Over the years, as I intensified my concentration, I reduced the time spent at my exercises, and yet maintained their effectiveness. I began with about an hour of stretches positions, and relaxation. Over the 18 years I practiced yoga, I found that I could manage with about 10 minutes a day rather than one hour.

Intensely concentrating on relaxation during short periods of stretching and relaxation, had the same effect as if I had worked over 5 times as long. However, facing pressing duties, even 10 minutes seemed to high a premium to pay for this relaxation and the health involved. I began to prioritize my life in other directions. I stopped yoga practice. At the same time, my health slowly degenerated. I had achieved optimal health through the practice of yoga. Now, I developed symptoms of hypoglycemia, headaches, back pain, liver inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, and hemorrhoids. I had forgotten the effectiveness of yoga to not only alleviate symptoms, but in some cases to actually cure the affliction.

I got involved in more strident forms of exercise such as lifting weights and running, in an attempt to invigorate and energize myself as a compensation for having low blood sugar, or perhaps some other form of chronic fatigue syndrome. One day, in a playful mood, I began to try to move my body into all sorts of extreme positions, as a kind of game to see whether there might be some positions which would engender unusual energy manifestations.

In an hour or so, I came up with 12 positions which seemed to create an energization process, some of which seemed to affect my states of consciousness, my ability to think.. All of them seemed to produce a heightened sense of relaxation. This heightened sense of relaxation and energization occurred even when I held the poses for a very short length of time. I gained no advantage from long holds, as recommended in traditional hatha yoga. Repetition produced about the same amount of energization every time I entered the pose.

It was as if there were some cosmic transmitting station, perhaps on some planet, where individuals were doing those particular poses, and by putting myself in that position I was able to pick up on their frequency of consciousness and achieve a quantum leap to an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energy state. Whether such a fanciful interpretation of what happened is correct or not is irrelevant. It is the phenomenon of the quantum leap of energization from these poses that is of interest, especially to people in our busy, modern age. With great financial pressures, often both the adult members in a family have to work. We also find ourselves in a complex and tangled web of communications and interrelations, a circumstance which was not extant, say 20 years ago. In 20 years time we have become enamored with home computers, cell phones, pagers, telephone messaging services, and a quick way of communicating both in speed and concentration of message information. E-mail has become the paradigm of communication for the information age.

Amidst the complexity of our lives, we seldom find time, priority or inclination to use relaxation techniques which consume inordinate lengths of time, such as meditation, hatha yoga, even swimming, jogging, or aerobic exercise. In fact, some of us find ourselves working at 2 or 3 jobs, attempting to develop a business on the side, just to survive financially. Perhaps we do this to escape the feelings which come up in a very interactive lifestyle. In short, many of us have become workaholics. It might be said that workaholism is preferable to other forms of �-holism' like alcoholism, pornograholism, drugs, or obsessive compulsive disorders, especially involved with food, sleep or withdrawal from interaction with humans.

Nevertheless, our obsession with work becomes compulsive, pulling us into unnatural liaisons with occupations, individuals, or organizations. Finding ourselves in unnatural territory, we are consumed by what we focus on. If we work with a computer, our computer becomes a surrogate wife or a surrogate husband. If we travel our automobiles become vehicles of our obsession, carrying complex cd players, laptop computers, pagers, cell-phones, and eventually internet connections. In this process of losing ourselves into our environment, we lose our center, we lose our focus, we lose our source of quantum energy, our union, our yoga. The word yoga means union. Being so dispersed, we develop tension between the various parts of our being, absorbed in our environment. These tensions, in large part, are unique to this modern age, the age of communication.

I am reminded of a film in which Yul Brynner starred. In it, he was a yogi leading a very active life, keeping up a rapid pace, accomplishing this and that. He had a special way of maintaining his focus. Before he went out into the world, he engaged in a moment of intense meditation on the divine within himself, integrating himself with himself, recognizing and remembering his identity. His outer gesture was to place his hands in the pranam position, one palm against the other, up against the heart, as if genuflecting to the cosmic one. At that time, I sensed a quantum leap in his conscious awareness, centeredness which was accomplished by an act that took no more than 3 seconds.

And as I began to think about these 12 poses, which in a sense had been �divinely' inspired in a scientific exploration, I realized that they too were of a similar nature to this instant gesture of Yul Brynner's. It does occur to me that these were indeed quantum energy leaps, provided at a certain frequency or energy, attuning to cosmic frequencies or energies, and not necessarily that they had a special bodily effect without the attunement. However, I began to think about the meridians and the effect of these positions on them, and the thought forms engendered by performing them. It became clear to me that the analogy to electron in the atom was very impelling. Being a quantum physicist and an astronomer, I was quite familiar with the quantum leaps the electrons take in the atom. I understood that electrons can only take certain energy orbits, and by and leaping from one orbit to another they were changing their energy by certain quanta or bundles. When an electron leaps from a higher level to a lower one, it gives off a particular photon or light ray of a given frequency, energy, or color. When that same light ray is received by an electron in the lower level, it will leap to a higher one.

In such a fashion, by attuning to a given frequency, these quantum energy yoga positions allow the body in the spirit to act as an antenna to receive the "photons" of a given energy and given characteristic, to provide a given effect each time they are practiced.

It is unnecessary to hold the poses for very long. It is clear that one can engage in a powerful energization set of exercises, which may take on the order of 2 or 3 minutes at the most.This set of 12 exercises provides a quick way of energizing for the day and maintaining health as well. They are not at all difficult to learn.

It also became apparent that there was some connection of each of these twelve positions to an astrological sign or vibration. In truth, the twelve signs are different frequencies in the raising and lowering cycle of an octave, like the twelve tone musical scale. Consequently, when done in the proper order, they infuse and charge an entire cycle of being with the vibrations necessary for smooth flow of one's daily cycles. Thus they break down the barriers individuals have at given points in their cycle of being or doing, as represented by numbers of degrees of the different planets in their astrological signs. Mercury at 28 degrees Aquarius, for example, is energized by transits through 28 degrees of any sign. At the end of a cycle going from zero to 30 degrees, the person with this degree Mercury will become very mental, finishing off, expanding and communicating their mind achieve closure in their cycles. To represent this position in the thirty degrees a planet moves through in a given sign, we can divide the thirty degrees by twelve, providing 2 � degrees per sign, and realize that a Mercury at 28 degrees is indicative of a Saggitarian part of the cycle. That part of the cycle is infused with the energies of Mercury, that is, communication, interrelation, speed , thoughtfulness, resource, etc.

Not only did I realize these 12 poses could be utilized in succession, but that at certain times when one is blocked, one could do the appropriate pose and meditation to break down the block and carry on. Of course, one would have to realize which one of the twelve phases their particular cycle was going through. So the practice of Quantum Energy Yoga can infuse the entire day with useful energy by practice at key points in each cycle.

What then in brief are the 12 poses of Quantum Energy Yoga?

First, the question should be asked: where is the beginning of the cycle. Certain esoteric teachings and common sense tell us that every cycle begins at the first point or 0 degrees of Capricorn, at the winter solstice, when the sun is lowest on the horizon. This is the beginning of the increase of light to a given area on the earth, during the cycle of the seasons, and consequently is the beginning of Quantum Energy Yoga. Poses in order of the cosmic cycle:

1. Capricorn. 2. Aquarius. 3. Pisces. 4. Aries. 5. Taurus. 6. Gemini. 7. Cancer. 8. Leo. 9. Virgo. 10. Libra. 11. Scorpio. 12. Saggitarius.

Dr. Philip Petersen