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"Who are you--who, who..., who, who?" by Peter Townsend--the Who's.

In life, we think of ourselves as relative to our employment or major passion: a writer, teacher, stay at home parent, auto dealer, etc. However, when that changes, it can be a major bump.

Watch for the signs the universe gives as to who you should become next. Also, realize that it is your ego (good or bad) that has that identity. You are the observer--with infinite possibilities. Some call it the 'Divine Self'.

Overcome the fear of finding the real 'you' by expressing love for that 'you'!

The Hindus describe enlightenment or finding your Real Self as a tiered three-step process:

1. The experience of ONENESS WITH THE UNIVERSE (& all of life)--Savikalpa Samadhi. This can happen in a state of meditation or even joy. It is something you never forget.

2. TEMPORARY TRANSCENDENT ONENESS WITH GOD--Nirvakalpa Samadhi. One may experience this by meditating on a flow of light up and down the spine, for example. With experience, this may create, especially in the presence of spiritual mentor, like Jesus, Krishna, or Buddha, a flow of a column of light from the base of the spine, rising upward. When the column reaches the space between the eyes, one experiences the entire universe collapsing into a radiating point of light--the Divine Self. One realizes that they are one with the creator of the universe and transcend it. Normally one returns to normal perception after a few minutes. This is a temporary glimpse of what is called 'Nirvana'.

3. PERMANENT ONENESS WITH GOD, yet maintaining awareness of the world and people in it--Sahaja Sammadhi. Jesus said, 'I and the Father are one'. He also claimed it be the ultimate truth for everyone, by saying it was true for one of his disciples who doubted it.

Some say that the ultimate spiritual state is beyond this--permanent Nirvana. This may be what is called Ascension by some. Apparently one has a choice as to whether to stay in the world or not. Some believe the choice manifests as a decision as to whether to be reborn as a human.