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Developmental disorders?


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MIND BUMP: Developmental Disorders

Very complete list of disorders and treatments from brighttots.com!

There is some evidence that quite a few children with ADHD are deficient in Zinc. Here is a natural food supplement with zinc and other ingredients which help brain function, like ginger and turmeric. Zinc Click image for more info or to buy.

Another defficiency is often in Omega-3 oils. Fish oil might help:

Omega3 Fish Oil  Click to see price and details.

SENSORY PROCESSING DISORDER (SPD)--may be a type of Autism, where focus and learning are extremely impaired.

For SPD: livestrong.com recommends

1. Skullcap:

Skullcapto reduce self-stimulatory behavior;

2. Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea):
Rhodiola Roseaspecifically to help with self-injurious behavior.

3. Ginkgo Biloba:

Ginkgo Biloba to address issues relating to focus.

4. PERIWINKLE EXTRACT: (with vinpocetine)

Periwinkle Herb  Used in Europe for more than twenty years for treatment of brain circulation problems, vinpcetine from the periwinkle plant is reported to help improve brain circulation and oxygen use in the brain.