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Are you addicted?


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MIND BUMP: Addictions

Five hormones are released or lowered by satisfying addiction. Different for different addictions.

1. Dopamine: sex, drugs, alcohol, and eating addictions.

Increase dopamine with exercise, almonds, and Ginseng

American Ginseng Click on images to learn more or order.

2. Seratonin: marijuana and hallucinogens. Sam-e supplement can increase low seratonin.


Also, Maca (South American herb) can give a big 4 hour boost to your energy, when you have to perform. Sometimes you might experience a slight energy crash at the end of the 4 hours.


3. Adrenaline: crime, gambling, racing, sports-watching addiction, etc. A 'need for speed'? Exercise is a great way to replace these behaviors.

4. Cortisol (stress hormone): high levels may produce alcohol addiction. Manage stress with cognitive therapy

click on cognitivetherapy.org list and see many areas of thinking that should be reprogrammed 

10 Most Common Addictions (Link)

Guide to quit smoking--click here for QuitDay.org!