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Muscle Test

FREE Online Tutorial in Kinesiology (muscle testing)
by Dr. Philip Petersen, certified Kalos Health Facilitator.

Simpler Version of Muscle Test (click on link): Easy Lie Detector

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For those familiar with the system--do not try this without learning the techniques on this page first!

DISCLAIMER: this process is only designed to give a person choices as to what they may do for healing themselves. It does not diagnose, nor does it replace the need for a trained, competent physician. In fact there are some ailments in which no other possibility for healing exists but standard medical practice. It is not wise to use Kinesiology to supercede or replace a doctor's recommendation.


The muscles of the body may be used as a lie detector. When we are receptive to our personal truthful spirit and have a body with proper energy flow, they are 100% accurate. The muscles are strong when we make a statement that is true, weak when we make a false statement. Sometimes this is called the 'science' of Kinesiology, or 'muscle testing'. This science, properly understood, can be used for the purpose of healing oneself, or you can learn how to guide a person to self-healing. (Example--the effect of TV.)

Conceivably any muscle in the body may be tested. There are two ways I normally use: one on myself, and one on another person. If you don't already have a technique, click here: Muscle Tests.

WARNING!!! Thousands have used Kinesiology without aligning the three master meridians, or checking that there were not possessing entities present. Unbalanced flow along the main meridians can trigger spurious results, and possessing entities can take charge of the muscles and lie about what is being asked. The consequences of misusing the science can be life threatening. (Example--medication overdose.)

How then can we properly prepare to use muscle testing for self healing? That is, how do we know that the body is telling the truth? Check for the presence of

A. Truthful Spirit .
B. Balance in the Master Meridians.

(Click on these two links and complete the processes.)

Palm Tree

Now, with mind and body prepared, muscle detection is truly lie detection. Always make the statements you test in the positive. For example, never say, "I have a virus." Say something like "I am free from virus infection." By making a statement of ill-health you could possibly bring it on by affirming it.

The possibilities are endless. The next step is to pursue healing with THE TEN PRIORITY SYSTEM. However, you can test simple things without having to learn any more. For example, you can test whether you should eat a particular food, take a certain supplement, and if so how much. "This body needs this broccoli." "This body needs 1 or more of these vitamin C pills a day... 2 or more..." etc, until you get a weak test.

ONLY when you have understood and mastered everything pointed to on this page, are you ready to try
for a complete self-healing program.
This system is adapted (with some changes) from the Kalos Seminars by Valerie Seeman Gersch, ND.