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Little BODY BUMPS: High Blood Pressure

Botanist James A. Duke, Ph.D., singles out Hawthorn to be one of 13 for high honors in his books �Dr. Duke�s Essential Herbs.� The herb has a wide array of medicinal properties. It can flush excess fluids from the body. This diuretic ability makes hawthorn very useful in the treatment of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.


Garlic and Parsley Oil:

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The parsley plant, leaves used as a culinary garnish, has useful diuretic properties. Michael Castleman, author of �The New Healing Herbs,� points out that Germany�s Commission E, the equivalent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has approved parsley as a diuretic. He also notes that parsley oil contains two powerful diuretic compounds--apiol and myristicin--that also serve as mild laxatives and uterine stimulants. The best source for parsley oil is the plant�s seeds, according to Castleman. Consult your doctor before taking this or any other natural alternative to, say, hydrochlorothiazide.